8 best digital marketing strategies

8 Best digital marketing strategies in 2022

There are 7 best digital marketing strategies in India that will definitely help you boost your sales and generate more conversions and more conversions mean more revenue.

  1. Understanding your target audience
  2. Use social media marketing
  3. Paid ads
  4. Video Marketing
  5. Blog/Website and SEO
  6. Content marketing
  7. Influencer marketing
  8. Email marketing

Let’s start!

1. Understanding your target audience.

This is the first and foremost thing that a business owner shall consider before launching any digital marketing campaign because without a target audience the campaign will fail horribly.

Let’s understand this with an example.

you own a cafe. you want to promote it. So you started campaigning about your cafe to the older audience. Do you know what will happen? It will be proved as a blunder. you get a huge loss in the form of marketing costs, rather you could do one thing researching about your business online with various tools and visit other cafes in the locality and find out the potential customers for your cafe.

After proper research you would have known about the proper audience is the younger age college-going and the age group is from 18 to 24. Then according to that, you have to start setting up the store in that particular area where it is more nearby more colleges and schools and more youngsters can notice your store and can visit it. In this way, you can acquire many customers without even launching any campaigns in the first place.

2. Use Social Media Marketing

Social media can be beneficial in this 21st century after the huge Jio revolution in India. Every household has a smartphone, and they all use social media it may be WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter.

By using the Facebook platform you can generally target the older audience, parents, family members, and all other sections of society because there are many opportunities possible through facebook marketing.

Facebook marketing means I am talking about Facebook ads because the organic reach on Facebook is almost dead with image or article posts. There are different goals that can be achieved by Facebook ads.

You can generate more reach for your business and can reach a larger audience with very few amounts starting at Rs.100 per day. You can create brand awareness and generate more leads through the lead generation campaign of Facebook ads.

You can grow your Facebook page followers through the Facebook page like engagement campaign.

The main benefit of using Facebook ads is that if you have connected your page with your Instagram business page then the ad will run on both platforms at the same cost.

You can use different features of different social media platforms to generate engagements and gain conversions out of them.

For example, if you are on LinkedIn you can connect with a like-minded professional audience where you will be able to grow your knowledge and networking base.

You can run ads to hire peoples who are qualified and have a lot of experience in the related field and can contact them directly from their LinkedIn profile. You can even get jobs from LinkedIn for yourself if you are searching for some employment or even if you are a freelancer then also you can get many freelancing opportunities on LinkedIn.

If you are targetting a professional audience from a particular category and particular position and from a particular company it is possible to find the right audience from LinkedIn for free!

3. Paid Ads

When I am talking about paid ads, I am talking about Google Ads and YouTube ads primarily. Google ads have the huge potential to reach billions and to show your ads to a particular group section of people who have a genuine interest in your product or service and are in search of them.

Let’s understand this with an example.

If you are an owner of a hospital, and you want to generate leads in the form of calls from patients who are looking for good hospitals. For example, if a patient or kin of a patient goes to google and searches for a good hospital, after typing good hospitals near me he finds your hospitals in the form of ads on the top along with your contact number then how easy it will be for both the parties to get their things done!

The patient can book an appointment and the hospital will generate a lead that is much more valuable than the cost per click it is paying to the google ads.

This sounds interesting, right?

Even with google ads, you can run campaigns on youtube as well in the form of video ads. You might have seen a skippable, non-skippable, or discoverable video in your youtube app, while you are watching any video.

But there are many things you have to keep in mind before running google ads.

Google search ads are not meant for all businesses or products or services. For example, if you are selling pens on your site and you want to run a search ad then you can get a huge loss because the CPC can be anywhere between rs.20 to rs.90, and your profit margin will be between rs.40 to rs. 50 where you can get a huge loss.

So you have to figure out which ad campaign type you want to run with google ads.

If you want to promote your products you have to run a shopping ad. If you want to promote your youtube channel then you have to run a video ad, If you want to promote your services then you can use the search and display and even the video ads as well!

4. Video Marketing

Video marketing is going crazy nowadays. All the platforms are supporting it and boosting video content. It can be long-form or podcast-type videos or can short-form videos like youtube shorts or Instagram reels.

You can reach thousands of people organically if you use video content. People want to engage more with video content rather than image content.

Google also trying to promote video content in the form of Web Stories if you have a WordPress website.

Video marketing will help you get high-paying potential clients who are interested in you or your product and pay you and can trust you 100% because he or she has watched your videos and have a pretty good idea about your products or services.

5. Blog/Website and SEO

If you are a startup or a big company aiming to become a brand in the future, then there is no better option than having your own website, or blog and doing SEO for that.

Having a website makes you credible and stands you out among your competitors.

You can write blogs about your products or services. Generally writing blogs is much easier if you are using content management systems such as WordPress or Ghost.

Writing content will help you rank your website organically for a longer period on google search and help you drive traffic and create conversions without even spending a single penny.

Once you get ranked on Google then bringing you down will be a tough task for your competitors.

Here SEO plays a big role in ranking your website. you can learn SEO such as on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, keyword research & content writing or you can hire agencies or freelancers like us to get work done.

SEO takes longer to get your site ranked at the top. But it is a lifetime benefit. In paid ads, your website will rank at the top until your billing gets exhausted. But in SEO it is costing you nothing if you are doing it yourself but it has some great long-term benefits like LIC or term insurance.

Here good content plays a big role in getting your site ranked at the top.

6. Content Marketing

Don’t think content means textual content. Content is mainly of 4 types.

  • Text
  • Image
  • Audio
  • Video

Creating text content must be if you have a blog or an active LinkedIn page or Twitter.

Maintaining a good blog for over a year with good keyword research can make you a viral sensation over a year. and you can build and promote your own brand with your own blog.

Writing text articles on LinkedIn gives more engagement on LinkedIn as they are the most professional people and they like to read and learn from other people’s experiences. They can connect with your content, they will share your content if it has great value in it or some unique point that has the potential to go viral in the internet world.

You may have seen this news recently which has gone viral, which originally started on LinkedIn. So don’t underestimate the power of LinkedIn.

Now coming to Twitter, if you are a good thinker or philosopher or a good observer of society or your profession or business, and instantly get any unique thought and you want to share it then always remember that Twitter has a likeminded audience who eagerly waiting to read such short form texts where they will get a log of value.

after watching Sita Ramam’s movie I want to express my genuine feeling about it, and you can see the audience’s reaction to it. It was huge and inspiring!

Generally, people think that textural content has no future. But remember that there is SMS, notification marketing, email marketing, Twitter, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp Marketing, where the textual content has great value!

Now coming to the image content people like the images on Instagram. The carousels on Instagram go viral and the image content still has its potential if you are using Facebook and Instagram marketing to promote your products or services.

Audio content is also getting more popular after the introduction of podcasts. Now every audio platform such as Spotify, apple podcast, or audiobook platform such as Kuku FM is a great place to know that audio content has its own customer base.

The popular Indian youtube channel Ranveer allahbadia, and beer biceps podcasts which I hear the most have their own potential audience base of millions!

We have already discussed a lot about video content in the previous point and you know that there is nothing more powerful than this.

7. Influencer Marketing

Many brands are approaching directly to their niche influencers to promote their products or services.

For example, if x is a finance content creator then the finance companies like e-wallets, Demat account companies, and insurance companies are approaching him to promote their product and paying them a huge account because of their huge fan base or subscriber base.

They spend less on digital marketing like ads very less compared to influencer marketing, they get their user base instantly and get a lot of downloads of their apps, or purchases of their products from their website.

This is the power of the influencers!

They can make their fans purchase or do anything that they will say!

But this method is very costly compared to other marketing methods. But it is much more beneficial compared to others.

8. Email Marketing

Generally, companies collect emails by giving them some kind of giveaways, offers, or freebies and make them sign up with their funnel programs, Where they collect the most sensitive contact information such as their name, contact number and email ids, which they use to promote their products or services and some creators also use to boost the traffic of their website directly with email marketing.

This is a little costly way of digital marketing as you have to subscribe to one of the email marketing or CRM tools such as MailChimp, Aweber, active campaign, Convertkit, Sendinblue, etc, to run the automation and email campaigns.

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